Andrew and Julie (Bachman) Nagel '92

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Date of Marriage : 06/05/1993
Did you meet before, during, or after your time at Walsh?: During
Where did you meet?: Alexis Hall
How many children/pets?: 3 kids; Jim (25); Tricia (21); Alex (18)

Share Your Story :

"Julie was selling candy bars for the volleyball team and came to our room in Alexis Hall to try to make a sale. I remember she had this cute shy-like smile and personality about her. After she left I told my roommate Vinny Mac that I was going to marry that girl!"

The Proposal:

"Our proposal was very simple actually. Julie always liked to put her hand in my coat pocket when it was cold. We went to dinner, Cincinnati icon LaRosa's Pizza. I had the ring in my coat pocket. It was cold. Only this time, of course, she didn't put her hand in my pocket. We got into the car and I finally asked, "Hands cold?" She said she was fine, so I had to kind of make her reach in. Not as planned but she said Yes!!"

Where are you now?:

"Today we live in Cincinnati happily married for 26 years (together for 31). We have three awesome kids and love watching them grow and doing all kinds of activities with them. We both impact children's lives daily which is truly rewarding - Julie has been a first grade teacher for the past 24 years and is currently teaching at St. Jude Elementary School. Andy is the Director of Baseball Operations at the University of Cincinnati."