Logan '17 and Rachel (Blakely) '16 Gray

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Date of Marriage: 10/07/2017
Did you meet before, during, or after your time at Walsh?: During
Where did you meet?: Reception desk
How many children/pets?: None

How They Met:

"I worked at the Walsh University reception desk, so I saw a lot of people come through each day. But there was one guy who caught my eye that I had never seen before. Apparently, he had seen me since his freshman year and had been working up the courage to talk to me. One day, he came up to the reception desk while I was talking with some mutual friends, and he introduced himself. He would always be at the reception desk from then on when I worked because he had to 'get mail.' A couple weeks later, we were inseparable."

The Proposal:

"Our first date was at Olive Garden. When he proposed, he took me on a date to Olive Garden and then we went back to my apartment to watch a movie. Instead, he had set up a scavenger hunt that led me from one location to the next - each place, there was a little note. The last note led me to his phone, which had a video of him telling me how much he loves me and to go on the balcony to meet him. It was dark out, but the stars and the moon were out. And there he was with a candle, taking my hands and proceeding to get down on one knee. It was so intimate and perfect."

Where Are They Now?

"Now, we are living in Canton together. I work in Canton and he works in Cuyahoga Falls and is getting his master's in chemical engineering. Although we don't have a dog yet, we are hoping to add one to our family in the near future."