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Comprehensive Science Degree

The Comprehensive Science major at Walsh University is for students who have an aptitude for science but do not wish to attend professional, graduate or Medical Technologist - American Society of Clinical Pathologists (MT-ASCP) training programs.

Instead, they prefer to complete a Bachelor's of Science (B.S.) degree and move into the private employment sector.

Why Walsh?

Flexible Course Choices. Comprehensive science majors can take a multi-tiered approach to their major - they can choose the courses that fit within their major requirements but that also appeal to their personal interests. They can take courses ranging anywhere from Botany to Anatomy & Physiology.

Faculty with Experience. Each of our Ph.D. Biology faculty members specialize in their areas of expertise. They are excellent teachers and competent researchers.

State-of-the-Art Facilities. Walsh houses laboratories equipped with the latest technologies, giving our students a chance to work with the instruments and tools used in the field. 

Cassie Barone

“Walsh University gave me the opportunity to shape my education in any direction that I wanted through the interdisciplinary architecture of the courses I was enrolled. This also enabled me to graduate on time with a major in biology and three minors in chemistry, sociology and history. As a graduate student, I will have the opportunity to work with our partners at NASA to help uncover the question the world has been wondering for years, ‘what happens to the body when it’s in space?’ Once I complete my doctorate, my ideal job opportunity would be to continue my role with the Air Force/NASA.” 

Cassandra Barone '20 

Read more about Cassandra's story here. 



Experiential Learning & Internship Opportunities

Comprehensive Science majors can seek a wide variety of internship opportunities within the field that are based on their personal interests. Their advisors can help them choose a path that best fits them.

Career Opportunities

With this degree, students have enough scientific exposure to find careers in pharmaceutical sales, as well as conduct laboratory bench work in quality control, toxicology, environmental sciences and more.


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