Web Design

Web Design Degree

Web design is a synthetic discipline, combining elements of graphic design, programming and marketing. Good web design has three key components: intent, design and execution. Designers must understand the goals of a particular website or page, create a design that is both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, then execute the design to build the finished product.

Why Walsh?

Focus on Practical Application Blended with a Solid Academic Foundation

We believe students learn best by doing. Our hands-on courses focus on applications that individuals and businesses use on a daily basis. This focus enhances our students' marketability and preparedness for their future careers.  

Individualized Attention

Small class sizes provide students increased opportunities for one-on-one interaction with Walsh's caring, experienced faculty.  

Expanded Online Course Options

This program includes select online courses taught in collaboration with other colleges across the country through our innovative partnership with Rize giving you access to a wide range of incredible instructors and more flexible scheduling options.

Meet Ged '03

Managing Director at Twitter

web designer graphic

Experiential Learning & Internship Opportunities

Students pursuing a degree in web design gain valuable internship experience (fall, spring or summer) in various settings including corporate, academic, non-profit organizations and many others. Our built-in Career Seminar Series helps you find and secure viable internships and helps provide our students with exposure to professionals in the field.

Career Opportunities

Students will graduate with the knowledge and skills to build robust websites. Career paths may include: 

  • Web Designer
  • UI Designer
  • UX Designer
  • Art Director


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