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Museum Studies Degree

As Ohio's premier undergraduate Museum Studies program, Walsh University's Museum Studies major provides a solid foundation in non-profit management with a dual focus on the theory of museology and hands-on experiences. The program features three tracks—history, art, and the natural sciences—and thus encompasses a broad spectrum of types of collections. All aspects of the program focus on museums' missions, policies and procedures, professionalism, codes of ethics, and sensitivity to cultural material and historical perspectives.

Why Walsh?

  • Singular program. Walsh University offers the only full undergraduate major in Museum Studies in the state of Ohio, and the program is one of the few offered in the United States.
  • Real-world experience. Walsh has its own museum: the Hoover Historical Center. Museum Studies students have the opportunity to combine classroom instruction with hands-on practicum experience at the center, as well as internships in other area museums.
  • Esteemed opportunities. Walsh is a partner with the prestigious International Preservation Studies Center, formally known as the Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Studies. in Freeport, Ill. Walsh students may be eligible to receive a scholarship to participate in the center's workshops and work with museum professionals while earning academic credit.
  • Global Learning. Museum Studies students are highly encouraged to participate in a Global Learning experience during their degree program at Walsh. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors can study at Walsh's center in Castel Gandolfo, just outside of Rome, Italy. Museum Studies majors may also study at other international sites, such as Paris or London, as opportunities are available. 
  • Named the most affordable undergraduate Museum Studies program in the nation by CollegeCalc in 2017.

In addition, students have the option to enroll in Walsh's new 4+1 Program for non-business majors who would like to supplement their bachelor's degree with an MBA. Through the program, students simultaneously earn undergraduate and graduate credit for Walsh's MBA Prep Series courses, saving both time and money as students pursue their advanced degree. 

Generally speaking, what courses will I need to take?

Students in this degree program are required to take core courses in Museum Studies, including Introduction to Museum Studies, a course for incoming freshmen that offers an overview of the civic roles of museums, basic collections care, and the types of museums and career paths. Highlights include panel discussions with professionals in area museums and an opportunity for students to visit up to four museums for oral presentations and written critiques. The Senior Seminar in Museology provides an opportunity for students to research a museological problem or topic as it relates to a specific contemporary museum. Students write a research paper on the nature of the issue and propose solutions for a real-life situation.