Cybersecurity Workshop Helps Non-Tech Professionals Assess Risks, Threats

More than 70 community professionals participated in a special learning experience on Cybersecurity Metrics at Walsh University on February 12 in the Marlene and Joe Toot Global Learning Center. Geared towards non-technical business officers, directors and information security professionals, this interdisciplinary workshop was hosted by the School of Arts and Sciences and the DeVille School of Business. Thanks to the generosity of corporate sponsors Rea & Associates and InfoGPS Networks, Inc., the event was free for all participants.  The panel consisted of industry experts, including Paul Hugenburg III, the Cybersecurity Service Director at Rea & Associates.    

“Most cyber events are for techies. This one was different,” said Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences Michael Dunphy, Ph.D. “The seminar participants included executives from eight different sectors including healthcare, financial industries, manufacturing, government, biotech, legal and education. Not only was the information practical, this event was an opportunity for all of us to come together and get informed in a non-technical way about the importance of cybersecurity in business and how to create metrics that are meaningful.”

The presentation was focused on real risks and threats associated with cybersecurity and included discussion and interaction between the participants and the panel members. Participants left the workshop with the knowledge to apply cybersecurity metrics and measure the risk of a data breach within their organizations. Facilitators discussed strategies for surviving a cybersecurity attack, ransomware response scenarios, how to measure Likehood vs. Impact, and assessing concerns using the same risk measurements traditionally utilized in corporate risk decisions.

“Data comes in various forms and types. Given the volume and ubiquitous nature of data, more and more organizations will continue to experience data breaches now more than ever before,” said Dean of the DeVille School of Business Rajshekhar (Raj)  Javalgi, Ph.D. “As we prepare our future workforce through Walsh’s cybersecurity undergraduate major, we continue to explore new ways in which we can be a valuable community asset. This event is just one example of how industry partners and Walsh University can join together to strengthen our community.”