Student Achievements Honored with 2020 Scholarship Awards

The outstanding achievements of seven Walsh students were honored this week with the awarding of scholarships that reflect the breadth and depth of the Walsh University experience.

  • MARC DEIGHTON SCHOLARSHIP awarded to Katelyn Hampu
  • CHARLES ST. JAMES SCHOLARSHIP awarded to Anabelle Gaj, Allison Brazer and Madison Markus
  • RICHARD GULLING LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP awarded to Matthew Esterle, Morgan Rowan and Zachary Sturmi

MARC DEIGHTON SCHOLARSHIP: Katelyn Hampu, Junior, Behavioral Health & Science Major


For Ginny and Tom Deighton, it was an unexpected and beautiful way to celebrate their anniversary.  On April 7, they were able to present the scholarship named in honor of their son Marc Deighton, to Walsh junior Katelyn Hampu, via Zoom.

“Thank you,” said Ginny Deighton. “You made our day even more special.  It is our anniversary today, and what a great gift."

Marc Deighton enrolled at Walsh University in the fall of 1994 and passed away in the spring of 1998. Marc had a profound influence on the lives of our students and the entire Walsh community as he faced his illness with bravery and dignity. He was an inspiration to all who knew him. The scholarship named in his honor is awarded each year to full-time student whose major area of study is psychology and who exhibits qualities of leadership and high academic standing. In addition, the student who carries the Marc Deighton Scholarship must be of sophomore rank or higher.

Katelyn is a junior majoring in Behavioral Health & Science, a member of the ASL Club and Active Minds Clubs, she is a part of the Leaders for Social Justice Program, and a Morale Captain for Cavathon this year. When asked why she chose Psychology as a major, Katelyn answered, “I hope to become a counselor and to help reform the mental health system. Overall, I hope to be an advocate for those struggling with mental illness by making sure they get the proper care they need to help themselves improve their quality of life.”

CHARLES ST. JAMES SCHOLARSHIP: Allison Brazer, Anabelle Gaj and Madison Markus

The Br. Charles St. James Scholarship was founded in 2007 in the honor of “Brother Charlie” and his dedication to Walsh University. The scholarship originated to provide aid to Walsh students who have selflessly worked to serve our university community.

Allison Brazer, Junior, Biology/Pre-Physical Therapy Major


“The Brothers of Christian Instruction have a profound presence on the campus of Walsh University. Founding Walsh University, the Brothers have paved the way for students to be successful and incorporate Jesus Christ into their lives. To make Jesus Christ better known and loved, through Education and Instruction, the mission of the Brothers holds true and can be seen throughout daily life at Walsh.”

Annabelle Gaj, Senior, Nursing Major


“One of the greatest commandments ‘Do unto others as I have done for you’ is one that has inspired me for years, becoming a constant mantra for me as I continue to show my compassion and care for each person I come across. As God’s servant, I find myself constantly going back to my Catholic faith, which has built me into the caring person I am today. The mission of Walsh, Sed Deus Dat Incrementum or God Grants the Increase, allows us to notice the abilities that God sees in us and gives us the confidence to share our qualities as Christians for the greater good of others.”

Madison Markus, Junior-Behavioral Science Major


“Though I never got the opportunity to meet Br. Charles, I think I would've considered him to be a strong role model. He seemed like a simple, yet hard-working man. He put others before himself, and not only served those around him, but equipped others to do the same. This is how I’d like to be remembered, too.”

RICHARD GULLING LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP: Matthew Esterle, Morgan Rowan and Zachary Sturmi

The Richard Gulling Scholarship is given to recognize outstanding students who have developed leadership skills above and beyond their peers whom others strive to emulate. Dick Gulling served Walsh University as a dedicated and talented trustee from 1977 until 1993. His tenure included service as chairman of the Finance Committee and of the Capital Campaign in 1986, which raised over 1.2 million dollars to fund the expansion of the Edmund Drouin Library and construction of the Farrell Hall bell tower.

Matthew Esterle, Junior, Management Major


The student’s nominator wrote: “Matthew is one of the best young men we have on this campus. He is a very courteous and conscientious person. I have witnessed him helping other teammates during tough times that they have gone through. He is always willing to lend a hand, be a voice of reason, or just an ear for others to talk to. Matt is a natural leader and he strives to achieve the best possible outcome in any situation.”

Morgan Rowan, Senior, Psychology-Clinical and Community Track


The student’s nominator wrote: “Morgan is a servant leader who lives our Walsh mission in every component of her academic and personal work in our community. I have seen her grow and flourish in her confidence and abilities to reach out beyond that of typical undergraduate college students. I was most impressed this year with her leadership for the Cav Bash event. She led with incredible organization, passion and enthusiasm that was contagious before and during the event. She is responsible, creative, and passionate. Morgan is one of the most impressive students I have met at Walsh University.”

Zachary Sturmi, Senior, Biochemistry Major


The student’s nominator wrote: “Zach is a pleasure to work with and exhibits an exceptional ‘can do’ attitude. He is tactful, level-headed, and very proactive in his approach to achieving his goals. As a member of the Star Chemistry Program and Spring Captain of the Walsh University Football team, Zach is organized and methodical accomplishing all that he sets out to achieve. He has an excellent reputation and he is well-liked and respected by his fellow peers. He is quiet and thoughtful but when he speaks people listen.”