A Special Message to CAV Nation from President Collins

Cav Nation

As I reflect on the needs of the Walsh University community, I am struck with how the language of our elected leadership has dramatically altered our way of thinking and way of life … in some respects it has been detrimental in my judgement.

“Social distancing” as a concept is the notion that we can reduce the spread of any virus if we are mindful of personal space.

I think as it has been applied may be working to “flatten the curve” but the implementation has crippled our ability to remain connected with each other.

I would ask you to immediately consider no longer saying “social distancing” but replace this phrase with “physical distancing and personal connections.”

We need each other as we work as a community to overcome the adversity before us.

We cannot do that if we all go it alone and separate ourselves from each other.

We are not alone … we have each other and we need to fight hard to stay in touch, to reach out, to check on each other, to laugh and cry with each other, to study with each other, to collaborate with each other, to grow with each other, and to find new and different ways to achieve the happiness that comes with being connected to family, friends, colleagues, and others who cross our paths with a smile or a greeting.

Keeping your physical distance with strangers and those you are not regularly interacting with will help fight this deadly virus … keeping personally connected with each other will help us to fight this deadly virus and thrive in our daily lives … and a brighter day will soon arrive.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help – Pray for us in this time of great need. 

Warmly, Tim

Dr. Tim Collins