Walsh University Launches Skilled Technical Workforce Training Program

Walsh University is gaining national attention for an innovative new program uniquely designed to provide businesses with customized curricula to “up-skill” their employees and provide them with the necessary training to thrive in an ever-advancing, technology-based economy. 

The program was spearheaded by Walsh Director of Development Dan Passerini, Ph.D., and Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs Michael Dunphy, Ph.D., in collaboration with a team of professional experts including President of FOFM, Inc./Managing Partner of Lensman & Associates, Ltd. Todd Lensman, Paragon Shift Managing Director Abdou Ayoub, Blue Chip Consulting Group Cloud Services Practice Jason Barr  and Agile Network Builders’ President/Founder Kyle Quillen.

This state-of-the-art program aligns with national and state initiatives to foster a STEM-capable workforce.

Originally designed with face-to-face instruction, the program has been modified to be offered in a virtual format. This practical and interactive immersion experience is taught by experienced industry consultants alongside Walsh University professors and includes direct examples, exercises and applications from enrollees’ day-to-day work activities. The sessions were designed to be flexible in order to customize the content to the specific needs of a business enrolling groups of 10 or more.

The credentials of focus for the course are data analytics, cloud computing and basic Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.  Many companies are already incorporating IoT technologies into their business operations and are collecting enormous amounts of data.  This trend will only continue to increase.  By 2021, it is forecast that IoT will surpass 25 billion devices and $1.1 trillion spent worldwide.  However, most organizations feel their employees lack the training and skills to most effectively use collected data to streamline efficiencies within their businesses.  It is increasingly critical that employees in all industries have base-line knowledge of IoT, how it functions and how it will transform their job responsibilities.

Upon completion of Walsh’s Program, participants will understand basic Internet of Things (IoT) and data collection technologies.  They will also learn how key metrics are identified and how data is analyzed and used to create greater efficiencies and profitability while reducing costs and risk.   Participants will be empowered to identify potential IoT and data solutions within their job responsibilities and will receive professional resources and skills to collaborate and communicate technical knowledge with peers and management to create maximum impact.

The first two cohorts included a diverse cross-section of participants from multiple industries, departments, fields of employment, background, educational levels and work experience.  Among the participants were 15 employees from Akron manufacturer Ohio Gasket and Shim who took advantage of recent disruptions in schedules and job responsibilities to participate in this unique training to prepare them for the post COVID-19 economy.  

“I was able to gain a better understanding of what IoT is, and how I interact with it on a daily basis,” said a participant from Ohio Gasket and Shim. “Being more informed and educated has helped me pinpoint where and how to utilize it to my advantage.”

Walsh University is an accepted training provider for the Ohio TechCred Program.  As such, participants living in Ohio may be eligible for full tuition reimbursement. The next three Cohorts will be scheduled in late summer and early fall and will include participants from businesses in multiple counties across the state on the tuition reimbursement program.   Walsh is currently working with businesses interested in submitting applications for a customized programs for the next round of TechCred funding which will run through August 31, 2020.  If you are interested in more information regarding the tuition reimbursement application and customized programs for your employees, please contact Dr. Passerini at 330-244-4746 or  

“This technology will be infused into virtually every aspect of our personal and professional lives,” said Dr. Passerini. “Walsh University remains mission driven and is committed to contribute to our national scientific and technological competitiveness of America by provide unique educational opportunities for the people we serve.  We are proud to be pioneering a program and creating partnerships with industry experts which not only enrich our community and provides tangible results for local businesses but is vital to our economic prosperity, our national security and our future.” 

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