Walsh Announces Remote Learning Guidelines for Remainder of Fall Semester

From Walsh University President Dr. Tim Collins

Cav Nation,

Walsh University is a community within a community … and as we are finding with COVID-19 we easily influence each other in countless ways.

Governor DeWine twice this week has asked us to re-examine every aspect of our interactions and see if we can find ways to reduce the opportunities for COVID-19 to spread amongst us.

Towards that end, Walsh University has done a magnificent job providing for the well-being of everyone while managing the risk of spread – we have procedures and practices across the campus that have kept us safe.

We’ve brought together over 2,000 people for the past 15 weeks with a very, very small amount of our folks becoming positive with COVID-19 and no one hospitalized.

That is amazing … I could not be prouder of Cav Nation for how we stepped up to make it happen for our community and to TF Lazarus for the wonderful plan of action they created for us.

The fight is far from over and we turn to a new phase as we look at our situation in Ohio … we need to make some adjustments that acknowledge we are part of a larger community and the Common Good is very much on our mind.

Toward that end, we are making the following adjustments:

  • Face-to-face course instruction will end on Tuesday, 24 November for the remainder of Fall 2 (we anticipate beginning again for Spring 1)
  • All coursework after the Thanksgiving holiday will resume in the remote education environment only
    • Faculty and staff remain available for assistance indefinitely
    • Labs remain open for student and faculty use through the end of Fall 2Student life/Intercollegiate sports activities continue as planned
  • Both the Main and GLC chapels remain open through the end of Fall 2
  • Clinicals and other academic-related activities remain available and continued as planned
  • Residence Halls remain open until Friday, 11 December at 8 pm
    • Residents must choose to either remain after the Thanksgiving break or depart for the remainder of Fall 2 term
      • Residents may elect to remain in housing through the end of the term and complete their courses online
        • These students are encouraged to remain on-campus during the Thanksgiving Break with limited dining services at no additional charge
        • Tim and Drenda Collins will serve the Thanksgiving Turkey if you are here!
    • Residents may elect to vacate their rooms for the remainder of the Fall 2 term
      • Residents choosing this option will need to check-out of their room no later than 8:00pm on Tuesday, 24 November
    • Residence Life will be sending a follow-up communication to confirm your plans for the remainder of the Fall 2 term
      • Residents will need to complete this confirmation form no later than 5:00 pm on Thursday, 19 November
      • This will ensure we have an accurate count for meals and campus activities
    • With grateful appreciation to the State of Ohio, an allocation of financial assistance has been provided that enables a two-week credit for room and board for those that choose not to return after Thanksgiving break only if they make proper notification of intentions prior to 5:00 pm Thursday, 19 November … no exceptions as we must plan and make commitments to outside vendors
      • Students graduating will be afforded a two-week refund if proper notification is provided
      • Student accounts will reflect the credit by early January 2021 … we have to post manually to each account, so this takes processing time
  • Residence Halls will reopen in January 2021, as scheduled
  • COVID-19-related quarantine/isolation periods that begin after Friday, 13 November 2020 will be asked to return home as the primary option

These adjustments are being made in light of Governor DeWine’s request for assistance and are aligned with our mission to educate students.

We understand there may be some unique circumstances and we will work with everyone as we did in Spring 2020.

Let’s finish strong … let’s continue with our Seven to Remember … and let’s lead others in our communities on how to care for each other.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help … pray for us as we complete our Fall 2 studies and for the safety of our families, our communities, and our nation.