Media Spotlights President’s Seven New Initiatives

During his Installation Ceremony Keynote Address on Tuesday, November 17, Walsh President Dr. Tim Collins announced seven new initiatives to be implemented during the next academic year and described how the number seven is symbolic in Catholic faith and specifically for Walsh University. The Installation Ceremony was a highpoint of the University’s Founders Week 2020, commemorating the 60th Anniversary of Walsh University, when the Brothers of Christian Instruction officially opened the doors of Walsh College on November 17, 1960.

Canton Repository reporter Kelli Weir recently spoke in-depth with Walsh President Dr. Tim Collins about his seven new initiatives. You can read the article in its entirety here. 

The seven initiatives include enhanced digital offerings, immediate acceptance of all transfer students and free housing, free academic courses for age 65 and older, an annual Catholic Higher Education Symposium, the formation of a University Press, a Presidential Thought Leadership Series and 50 new  “Cav Connected” learning communities for all Walsh undergraduate and graduate students.

“Our University has much to contribute, after 60 years we have simply warmed up,” said Dr. Collins during his Installation address. “Today I am announcing seven new undertakings intended to launch our University towards international recognition as a ‘destination of choice’ with a community dedicated to building successful and compassionate leaders of tomorrow … citizens that demonstrate the values-based leadership that we so desperately need at this juncture in the story of human history.”

Seven Initiatives for Walsh University 60th Anniversary

Additional information on each of these initiatives will be released as details are finalized.

1. Expand Walsh’s commitment to offer academic experiences to students from anywhere in the world. While continuing to provide a world-class student life experience, Walsh University will extend the experience of what will become known as “Walsh University Global.” This initiative will create an experience faithful to the truths of Walsh’s Catholic educational philosophy and furthering the Brothers of Christian Instruction mission in the field of higher education beyond current practices. Currently, Walsh University offers online accelerated degree programs for adult students interested in earning their bachelor’s degree, graduate degree or professional certification. This new initiative will expand Walsh’s ability to offer the full undergraduate Walsh experience online.  
2. Any student who transfers in to Walsh University from another accredited institution of higher learning will automatically be ACCEPTED and afforded complementary housing for their initial 8-week term to ease their transition into the Walsh community. This will be in addition to any other eligible financial aid. More information available here. 
3. Walsh will expand educational opportunities to anyone in the community over age 65, any academic course, with complimentary, non-degree bearing tuition. Courses will be open for audit based on space availability.
4. Walsh will re-launch an annual Catholic Higher Education Symposium bringing thought leaders from across the country to North Canton. Building off previous Walsh initiatives including the John Trapani Great Ideas Symposiums and Rabbi John Spitzer’s Lifelong Learning Academy, Walsh will bring thought leaders from across the country to North Canton, Ohio, to enrich dialogue and expand the body of knowledge regarding the roles and responsibilities of all aspects of multidisciplinary Catholic education in building a more compassionate society.
5. The creation of a Walsh University Press. This digital, peer-reviewed, leading edge, interdisciplinary venture will provide Walsh faculty the ability to build knowledge for scholars and students alike, making the world a better place with a particular inclination towards the liberal arts and a recurring thematic emphasis on the practical application of education, theology and philosophy in our everyday life.
6. The new Presidential Thought Leadership Series. This initiative will invite well-known faculty, academic, business, and public service leadership, as well as innovative visionaries from around the world, to co-teach at Walsh. These student and community lecturers will enrich our community of impactful and informed citizens, while invigorating faculty and students as they seek higher levels of teaching and scholarship. This Series will provide the community with a unique professional development, learning, and growth opportunities leveraging Walsh as a critical asset in Stark County, Ohio.

7. The creation of the new Cav Connected initiative for students. Expanding upon Walsh’s Honors Student and Blouin Scholar learning models, Walsh will launch “Cav Connected,” a robust cross-campus network of learning communities designed to invigorate student and academic life. Beginning next fall, every residential, commuter, undergraduate and graduate Walsh student, will be placed into one of 50 learning cohorts that will enhance campus involvement, serve as a laboratory for student leadership, provide mentorship for academic improvement, create a sense of community that will forge new relationships and experiences that will last a lifetime. Cav Connected was developed with the goal to put an end to student isolation magnified in this COVID-19 environment.