Walsh University Names Dr. Dan Passerini Director of Cross-Enterprise Initiatives

Daniel Passerini, Ph.D., has been appointed to a new role as Director of Cross-Enterprise Initiatives.

Housed in the Department of Academic Affairs, Dr. Passerini will help position Walsh University favorably in many strategic areas as part of this new role by expanding offerings for adult learners, building extensive community, regional and national relationships and generating revenue streams to support investment in programs, people and innovative initiatives.

Dr. Passerini will continue to oversee the President’s Advisory Board and work with the Office of Advancement on select projects. 

Dr. Passerini previously served as Walsh’s Director of Development and was responsible for developing productive relationships with key University donors and stakeholders. His purpose-driven approach grew community bonds and led to significant university donations.  

Before joining Walsh in 2018, Dr. Passerini ’s 20-year diverse academic and business experiences laid the foundation for him to move into this critical role as Director of Cross-Enterprise Initiatives.

“Walsh University is innovating to serve our regional educational needs by creating and implementing novel non-degree programs for adult learners. These programs will be focused on helping adult learners build specialized knowledge and skills,” says Dr. Mike Dunphy, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs. “Dr. Passerini has the necessary business, relationship-building and project management skills to help us create and implement viable programs that will generate revenue, be sustainable and meet market needs over the next decades.”

Dr. Passerini was instrumental in securing a $1.2 million upgrade to the University’s science labs through a partnership with Shimadzu, a multinational leader in the manufacturing of scientific equipment. He will continue to nurture the relationship with Shimadzu and further develop the analytical lab with contract research opportunities. He will also serve as the project director for selected training programs for students with J1 visas.

Dr. Passerini will continue to lead the team of business professionals that collaborated and co-created the Skilled Technical Workforce Program. The new training program is gaining national attention for its multi-disciplinary approach, providing businesses with customized curricula exploring the latest technology and practices related to Data Analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT).

“I am inspired by the impact Walsh University is having on our students and community by pioneering these innovative programs” said Dr. Passerini. “I am excited to foster relationships and support initiatives that advance our mission nationally and contribute to our future.”

Dr. Passerini is a 1994 Walsh alumnus where he earned his Bachelor of Science. Dr. Passerini also holds a Doctorate of Biochemistry from The University of Akron. A longtime supporter of Walsh University, Dr. Passerini’s involvement with his alma mater has included serving as an adjunct chemistry professor from 1995-2002 and collaborating on several research and development projects with the Division of Mathematics and Sciences. Dr. Passerini resides in Jackson Township with his wife and their three children.