Walsh University Cavathon Dance Marathon Exceeds Fundraising Goal

The annual Cavathon dance-a-thon held Saturday, March 26, from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m., at the Cecchini Center, not only surpassed its goal of $20,000 – it raised the second highest amount ever in its eight-year history – with nearly $35,000 in donations for Akron Children’s Hospital. 
During the event, 68 Walsh students wearing brightly colored clothes to coordinate with their team danced and stayed up on their feet for 12 hours to raise money and awareness. Throughout the day, several guests came to visit. Participants heard stories from the families, they got to spend time with some of the Miracle Children from Akron Children’s Hospital, they participated in activities and challenges throughout the day, and they performed a final dance that revealed the overall total raised this past year. 
“The Cavathon would not be possible without the support from many donors, sponsors and campus partners,” said Assistant Director of Residence Life Alexis Hedrick. "The Cavathon planning and Executive Board worked diligently all year for this worthy cause. They worked hard to make an impact as one generation fighting for the next and did not disappoint!" 
Cavathon is a student-led, year-round philanthropic movement, uniting students at over hundreds of colleges, universities and high schools across the United States and Canada. As a fundraising program, each campus’s Miracle Network Dance Marathon organization works throughout the year to raise funds and awareness to change kids’ health and change the future for their Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.  
The Cavathon group is a board of 15 Walsh University students who are responsible for planning the main event and who work throughout the year on fundraising and awareness efforts. The 2022 Cavathon board was led this year by the Executive Board, Walsh students, Taylor Nagy-External Director, Kaylin Bowman-Internal Director, and Claire Spettel-Overall Director.