The Finance Department is responsible for the payroll and benefits function of the university.  This page provides resources to navigate payroll, time and attendance, and employment verifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Walsh pays bi-weekly, for the previous two weeks worked. For example, you will be paid on April 22nd for the hours worked from April 2-April 16th.

You will receive pay on Fridays, sometimes earlier depending on your bank.

All hours for the previous two weeks must be entered into Paycom by 10:00AM the Monday before payday.

No. Paycom requires all employees to have a direct deposit account in the system to be paid.

Log into Paycom, then click on the Direct Deposit section under Payroll. Fill in the information you want to be changed, then click the update button at the bottom.

How to Update Direct Deposit Information (PDF)

Absolutely! You can add up to five different accounts through the Direct Deposit option under Payroll in Paycom.

By logging into Paycom, then clicking on Year-to-Date Totals under Payroll, you can click on any paystub and print it from a PDF.

When you log into Paycom, click on the Change Information button. Make your address update and make sure to click Update at the bottom when you are finished.  You will also need to email WalshHR so HR can manually update Banner for you.

How to Update Your Address in Paycom (PDF)

There could be a few reasons as to why these taxes are not being withheld. The 2020 W-4 reflects changes resulting from the implementation of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2018.  This new form uses the employee's income tax filing status, dependents, and other adjustments to determine the federal withholding liability. Please speak to a tax expert on what action you should take. To change anything on your W-4, click on Tax Setup in Paycom.

How to Update Your W-4 Tax Information (PDF)

If a timecard has been locked, that means Payroll has already been run for that pay period. E-mail the Manager of Payroll and Benefits with the dates and times worked. Once it has been approved by your supervisor, it will be entered to be paid out on the following pay period.

Contact the Manager of Payroll and Benefits, and the timecard can be unlocked to make the changes.

In January, W-2s will be mailed to your address in Paycom. You can also access them in Paycom by clicking on Tax Forms under the Payroll section.

You or the company requesting it can fax it to 330.490.7170, or e-mail it to These can take up to 72 business hours to complete.

Contact your supervisor and have them email the Manager of Payroll and Benefits to correct the error.  The correction will be paid on the next pay following the correction of the error. 

Kati Beane

Manager of Payroll and Benefits

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