Service Learning

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Empowering Change-Makers for our Community

In collaboration with Walsh faculty and local partners, the Office of Service Learning equips and supports students to positively impact their communities and become educated change-makers and leaders in service.

"Seeing the issues first hand made everything undeniably real. This emphasized how crucial it is for us to be aware of such social injustices, learn how to help, and take action"

-Freshman with triple major in Philosophy, Theology and Education 

Walsh University is dedicated to educating its students to become leaders in service to others. The Office of Service Learning furthers this commitment by connecting Walsh University students to the local and global community, enabling them to learn and work alongside partners through Service learning courses, immersion programs, global service experiences, leadership opportunities, and regular community service options.

Office of Service Learning Mission Statement

The Office of Service Learning's mission is to facilitate mutually beneficial service learning opportunities among Walsh and the local community. This is accomplished by supporting faculty as they develop and incorporate service learning into courses and by understanding community needs via established relationships with local organizations. Based upon this mission, the following are the program student learning outcomes:

  • Students will apply course content to the service experience in the community.
  • Students will apply knowledge from the service experience to the course content.
  • Students will demonstrate an enhanced understanding of issues and needs in the community based on the service experience.