Through layered modules, the Data Analytics credential will introduce core skills in identifying how relevant data is collected, stored, and analyzed and includes examples and use cases which help to demonstrate how participants can practically employ technologies and data concepts in their everyday work experience.

Upon completion of this hands-on experience, participants will be introduced to the key data analytics competencies, discuss the principles of designing user-friendly dashboards and learn how to identify key metrics to measure success.

Skills include:

  • understand data sources and formats
  • understand and visualize data for better decision making
  • comprehend data foundations for analytics
  • identify how relevant data is collected, stored and analyzed
  • appreciate the role of big data, cloud computing and data analytics in a typical IoT system

The technology-driven components involve discussion of IoT technologies to collect real-time data, the use of cloud-based technology to capture and manage data, the use of software like Excel, Power Bi and others to clean data and present results in useful forms and then how to adjust technological systems in light of results from analytics.