Transfer of Credit

Transfer of college credit toward a degree for courses taken at a college or university other than Walsh must be approved by the Registrar or appropriate division chair. Walsh University accepts transfer credits from regionally accredited institutions with a grade of "C-" or better. This transfer of credit minimum grade is applicable to regionally accredited four-year colleges and universities, and two-year community or technical colleges. Students enrolled in specific academic programs requiring a grade of "C" or higher must have achieved the minimum grades to receive equivalent course credit; otherwise the course will be transferred into the institution as a transfer elective.  The DeVille School of business uses the grade earned and documented on the credit awarding institution’s transcript for equivalent business core, and major coursework when calculating a student’s GPA for advancement and graduation requirements. The grades earned are not included in the student’s cumulative grade point index. Only credit hours are accepted and recorded on the academic record for each transferred course as "TR."

A student who has earned credits in a technical program (industrial, commercial, culinary, agricultural, mechanical, musical or the arts) at a regionally accredited two- or four-year college or university may transfer in as many as 15 hours of technical credits as elective credits. These technical credits will not fulfill core or major requirements.

All students will be held to completing the last 32 semester hours prior to graduation at Walsh University, with a minimum of 15 hours in the major field.

Note: Transfer and transient courses cannot count for Tier II (Heritage Series) or Service Learning (SL) credit, unless approved from Division Chair or Director of General Education Program.