Like many adults, Jennifer Stidd realized she wanted to be more challenged in her career. That is why after more than 20 years, she returned to Walsh to complete the undergraduate degree she started back in 1999. Last spring, Stidd successfully completed the necessary courses to earn her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Walsh University is pleased to announce a new scholarship called the Comeback Initiative for adults who for one reason or another left school and would like to return to complete their degrees.  

This initiative is just one of several new student scholarships and matching gift programs introduced this year to provide needed support to Walsh students.

Walsh President Tim and Mrs. Drenda Collins pledged to match the first $15,000 contributed to the Comeback Initiative. Donations will be used to support scholarships for these students who can soon call themselves Walsh University Alumni. Please consider helping these students “comeback” to our classrooms and earn their degrees. To give, visit

THE CAMPAIGN FOR CARING: This April, Walsh University will kick-off its annual Campaign for Caring. As we celebrate Walsh University’s 60th anniversary, we have a renewed sense of pride and inspiration in the purpose of our institution. Throughout our history, we have faced difficult or uncertain times, and members of our community—from the Brothers of Christian Instruction who worked without pay to keep the college afloat to the alumni who have given what they can to pay it forward for future generations—have stepped in ensure that our mission can continue.  

The present day is no different. As we face a global pandemic, economic uncertainty, and the ever-changing landscape of higher education, we rely on the support of our Walsh community now more than ever. Every gift has significant impact on Walsh students, especially those of greatest need. Your generous support will ensure Walsh is able to continue its 60-year legacy of providing education access to all and providing a strong foundation for our students to be ready to identify and activate their life’s purpose.  

FUTURE FUND: At Walsh University, we’ve been helping students discover their life purpose and serve their communities near and far. Walsh Alumni are not only successful in their fields, they have the values and grit to handle life’s curve balls and agility to be successful for the lifetime of their career. Walsh has designed it’s curriculum to allow students to earn their bachelor’s in less than three years or at their pace and is committed to making a college education more accessible and affordable than ever before. That is why we’re offering the largest scholarship and aid fund in Walsh’s history with the introduction of our new Future Fund, designed to help students finish faster and stronger, and focus fully on their future. 

For more information on these giving opportunities, contact Walsh Vice President of Advancement Eric Belden at or 330-490-7337, or visit