“Here must be a community of scholars who, in an environment of courageous freedom, are constantly pushing back the dark walls of the unknown.” -Milton S. Eisenhower

 As we kick-off Fall 1 academics today, I would like to introduce the inaugural “President’s Reading List.”

 If you are not on a structured reading program, I cannot make a stronger plea for you to consider doing so … and a pace of one book a month is a great way to begin.

In 10 years, you will be 120 books more informed and prepared for your future.

I think there are immediate benefits to you professionally, including: 

  • you will become a better communicator … and a better writer, for sure
  • you will become more self-critical and a better self … as you read simply ask yourself, “how would I have done that?”
  • you will discover a more efficient way to learn … books are ready when you are
  • you will have an exceptional experience without having to travel … transport yourself back into time or well into the future
  • you will introduce yourself to new ideas … it is an activity that can be inspirational

I do recommend you read with purpose … zero in on what you want to know or learn.

I also recommend your purpose be large enough to include a variety of topic areas, authors and perspectives, fiction and non-fiction, and suited to both personal and professional growth.

Towards this end, the Walsh University President’s Reading List offers a structured approach and serves as an intersection for conversation with each other as we share reflections from reading the same material.

As I have been reflecting upon our circumstances, this year’s selections are meant to help us meet these demanding times and prepare “Cav Nation” for our shared future.

Thank you for all that you are doing for our community … individually and collectively. All y’all rock! Swords Up! 

Dr. Tim Collins, Walsh University President