Even in the midst of COVID-19 preparations on campus, Walsh University successfully completed the installation of nearly $1.2 million worth of new analytical equipment through the Shimadzu SPARQ program into Walsh’s chemistry labs in time for fall 2020.  Renovations of the lab included work to accommodate new gas lines, exhaust hoods, electrical wiring, the proper disposal of old equipment and the careful installation of new, all overseen by Associate Professor of Chemistry Peter Tandler, Ph.D., and Assistant Professor of Chemistry Tim Smith, Ph.D., during the summer months of a campus shut-down.

“Although we experienced multiple delays due to the COVID shutdown, we were not deterred from our ultimate objective,” said Dan Passerini, Ph.D., Walsh Director of Development, who spearheaded the project. “Even as the campus was being prepared for the return of students, we were able to get this equipment installed and operational because of the monumental efforts of Dr. Tandler and Dr. Smith and our facilities team, led by Brain Greenwell and John Schissler. The generous support of our donors and Shimadzu was transformational to our science department and to the University.  This project has allowed us to exponentially upgrade our research capabilities and has catapulted Walsh University into the spotlight as the school to attend in this region for students pursuing a degree in the sciences. The partnership with Shimadzu has already paid dividends and will continue to provide our students and faculty with unprecedented opportunities for internships, grant funding, and collaborative projects with businesses and other research institutions across the country.”   

In January, Walsh University announced its science division will be transformed through a new partnership with Shimadzu, a multinational leader in the manufacturing of scientific equipment. Shimadzu has invited Walsh to join its prestigious SPARQ program (Shimadzu Program for Academics, Research and Quality of Life), an exclusive, invitation-only grant program to which few schools in the United States  are accepted. In addition to a grant of over $550,000, international internship opportunities and numerous other benefits, through SPARQ, Walsh faculty, staff and students will have unlimited access to consult with Shimadzu scientists and industry experts on projects for the life of the partnership.


Shimadzu selected Walsh as an award recipient because of the University’s proven track record of outstanding science student preparation, potential for tremendous growth and commitment to mission.

During the past 15 years, Walsh has invested significantly, with the help of donors and community partners, in our science infrastructure to provide students and faculty with state-of-the-art laboratories for education and research. The SPARQ grant/partnership with Shimadzu will provide Walsh students and faculty access to world-class analytical equipment, strategic collaborations with companies and researchers nationwide and the opportunity to leverage Shimadzu's expertise in method development and cutting-edge research.

Once COVID-19 travel restrictions are lifted, Walsh science students will benefit with global learning opportunities, domestic/international internships and innovative entrepreneurial experiences that will be unique to the region.

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