Through an ongoing commitment to the development of faculty and staff, Walsh’s most recent cohort of the Skilled Technical Training program was designed specifically for the University’s faculty, staff and adjunct professors. Under Ohio’s TechCred Program, Walsh participants are able to join in the training for full tuition reimbursement. TechCred is a state program that is aligned with Walsh’s mission and the national initiative to foster a STEM-capable workforce in all facets of the American economy in order to stay competitive in an ever-advancing, technology-driven global marketplace. Walsh is one of the few institutions in the country to offer this type of training, customized for the participants of each cohort.

Since it launched in June, Walsh’s new Skilled Technical Workforce training program has been gaining national attention as it was designed using recommendations outlined in a 2019 report by the National Science Board (NSB).  The program expanded on the template in the NSB report to provide customized curricula exploring the latest technology and practices related to Data Analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT), the ability to capture and transfer data using cloud technology without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.  IoT technologies are incorporated in our lives every day from connected security systems, thermostats and speaker systems to remote driven cars and more. This trend will do nothing but accelerate.  By 2021, it is forecast that the Internet of Things (IoT) will surpass 25 billion devices and $1.1 trillion spent worldwide.

“We are committed to have Walsh University be a leader in advancing this important initiative and contribute to the scientific and technological competitiveness of America,” said program co-creator Michael Dunphy, Ph.D., Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs. “This technology will be infused into virtually every aspect of our personal and professional lives, regardless of what field of study.  It is critical that our faculty and staff understand how this next revolution in technology will impact their disciplines so we can better serve our students and prepare them for the jobs of the future. This a unique opportunity for them that will simultaneously enrich the educational experience of our students, benefit our community and provide tangible results for local businesses.

Courses are taught by Walsh University faculty alongside industry consultants who are experts in their fields and are customized to demonstrate how the technology is relevant to the participants and their professions. Synchronous and asynchronous learning options are available for Walsh University faculty and staff in order to provide you the opportunity to interact directly with the industry experts while not interfering with your teaching schedules, job responsibilities or family time. 

Said program co-creator Dan Passerini, Ph.D., Director of Development, “Walsh University remains mission driven and is committed to contribute to the national scientific and technological competitiveness of America by providing unique educational opportunities for our students and the people we serve.  In order to be relevant and competitive, we need to stay on the forefront of this technology. We are proud to be pioneering a program and creating partnerships with industry experts which will enrich the educational experience of our students, provide meaningful professional development for our faculty and staff and stimulate tangible results for local businesses while, on a larger scale contributes  to the economic prosperity, security and future of our nation.” 

The program was spearheaded by Walsh Director of Development Dan Passerini, Ph.D., and Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs Michael Dunphy, Ph.D., in collaboration with a team of professional experts including President of FOFM, Inc./Managing Partner of Lensman & Associates, Ltd. Todd Lensman, Paragon Shift Managing Director Abdou Ayoub, Blue Chip Consulting Group Cloud Services Practice Jason Barr  and Agile Network Builders’ President/Founder Kyle Quillen.

This state-of-the-art program aligns with national and state initiatives to foster a STEM-capable workforce.

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