INITIAL ACADEMIC PROBATION (All Undergraduate Students)

  1. Students must successfully complete and pass a Study Skills course (FYE 115).
  2. Students must complete a minimum of four hours of contact with a campus resource:
  3. Students must arrange to meet with their academic advisor bi-weekly during the semester(s) they are on academic probation.


  1. Students will earn a status of continued probation if they do not achieve a grade point average reflective of good standing in a subsequent semester following the academic probation status. Student may carry a continuing probation status for only two additional semesters without an academic suspension.
  2. A student must achieve good standing by the end of the third probation semester or he/she is subject to academic suspension.

ACADEMIC SUSPENSION (All Undergraduate Students)

  1. Students who earn a status of Academic Suspension will be notified in writing via email. 
  2. The Office of the Registrar will remove all registered subsequent semester courses from the student’s schedule.
  3. Re-admission to Walsh University will require the student take six credit hours at another two-or four-year regionally accredited college or university and receive a grade of "C" or bett After successfully completing the courses, students should request a transcript to be sent to Stacie Herman, University Registrar. In addition, the student should contact Francie Morrow, Executive Director of Counseling and Health Services, at, to submit a written appeal for re-admission.


  1. Any student academically suspended has the right to submit an appeal. Students must provide evidence that extenuating circumstances exist(ed), which caused the decline in term grades.
  2. The written appeal must be submitted to Francie Morrow, Executive Director of Counseling and Health Services, within two weeks of receiving the suspension notification.
  3. The student’s appeal should include documentation of the extenuating circumstances AND an action plan for change moving forward. The outcome will be communicated to the student via telephone and letter.
  4. If granted authorization to re-enroll, the Academic Suspension status will convert to Continuing Probation; however, if there is not substantial improvement in the next semester, the student will be academically dismissed. The student’s academic advisor will assist with re-instatement of semester courses.