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Academic Support Center

The Academic Support Center (ASC) at Walsh University, located in room 209 of Farrell Hall, offers tutoring in a wide variety of subject areas, including sciences such as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics; mathematics, including Algebra and Calculus; foreign languages, like Spanish, French and Italian; the social sciences, encompassing Psychology and Sociology, and business areas including Accounting and Economics. The Center also offers tutorial assistance in the development, organization, grammar, formatting, and styling of both graduate and undergraduate papers. The ASC provides individual tutorials in half-hour or hour-long sessions, peer tutors who have a solid background in their areas, and tutor schedules that allow for both walk-in appointments and by-arrangement opportunities. Schedules are posted around campus and relayed to students and staff via e-mail.

The ASC also houses the Office of Accessibility Services that provides academic accommodations to eligible students who have documented disabilities. Among the accommodations offered are extended-time testing, a reader for tests, a separate location for test-taking, as well as copies of instructor notes and individualized confidential letters alerting professors of a student's accommodations verification.

The ASC houses the office of the Director of Academic Achievement. The Director assists students on academic probation, ensuring that they complete an Action Plan and meet the established tutoring and counseling requirements. In addition, the Director of Academic Achievement works with students who are required to complete a Federal Financial Aid Appeal, SAP, in order to restore their federal aid.

The ASC begins operation during the second week of every semester, and the last day for tutoring is the last day of classes. During examinations the ASC remains open in order to offer exam proctoring accommodations to students with pre-verified disabilities.