The Academic Support Center is here for you!

Online tutoring for undergraduate courses begins this Monday, March 23rd!  Live, one-on-one sessions will be offered for a variety of courses, including math, biology, and chemistry, and GFA.  Writing support is also available.

To make an appointment for a live session with a math, science, or other subject-area tutor:

  • Visit and search for your course.  
  • Choose to make an “Online Appointment” and complete the necessary information. 
  • Log into your live session 5 or 10 minutes before your scheduled time.  The interface is very similar to ZOOM.  It’s a good idea to take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the tools and features on WCOnline, so feel free to log in early!  
  • An orientation will be provided when you login to your session.  
  • For more information on the toolbar, visit  
  • No webcam?  Use the chat feature!
  • The transcription of your tutoring session will be saved and can be accessed anytime by reopening the appointment!

To request a writing consultation:

  • Visit and search for a Writing tutor.  
  • Choose to make an “ETutoring” appointment. 
  • Attach a draft of your essay, along with assignment sheets, rubrics, and any relevant materials.  
  • Be sure to include specific questions and concerns when scheduling your appointment!  
  • Your selected tutor will return your essay with feedback within 24 hours, and you will receive notification through WCOnline.  
  • While our tutors will not make any edits or revisions, they will provide feedback on the structure of your essay, your thesis, cohesion, writing mechanics, and general grammar issues.

More tutors and courses will continue to be added, so keep checking in! Also, please let us know if you need tutoring support in a course that is not listed. We're here to help however we can!

Please contact Meredith Soduk at or Matthew McLain at with any questions you run into as you adjust to the online classroom.