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Walsh University has a crosstown agreement with Kent State University Det 630. Typically, this means you’ll be enrolled as a full-time student at Walsh University and take your AFROTC classes each week at Kent State University Det 630.

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Please visit Air Force ROTC Detachment 630 for more information on how to get started.

AFROTC Mission: Develop Leaders of Character for Tomorrow’s Air Force and Space Force. Detachment 630 Mission: Inspire. Motivate. Perform.

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The Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC), hosted at Kent State University, is an educational program designed to give you an opportunity to become an Air Force or Space Force officer while you complete your college degree. Whether you want to fly the most advanced aircraft in the world, design and operate the latest space systems, and work on the cutting edge of technology, there are more than 100 officer career fields. We’re here to get you started. 

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Should you have any questions regarding admission, please contact the Office of Admission anytime!

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