Kevin Surnear

Business Management B.A., Class of 2003
Vice President of Sales at Ohio Restoration Solutions
Canton, OH


Kevin Surnear is a proud Walsh graduate from 2003, who joined the Alumni Board in order to give back to his alma mater in any way that he possibly could. His favorite thing about Walsh is the community and the small college feel. It creates a continual sense of being welcome and belonging. In accepting this position, Kevin hoped to maintain that continual welcoming atmosphere for future Cavaliers! He resides in Jackson Township with his family.

Why did you join the alumni board?
“To get involved with the alumni base and the university in general. I’ve always tried to participate in as many things at Walsh as possible. Whether it be through Professor for a Day, sports, Viva Walsh Vegas, Breakfast with Santa or any other events the university has to offer.”

What is your favorite thing about Walsh?
“Community. The small college feel. I’m always greeted by the same people whenever I return to campus, which creates a continual sense of being welcome and belonging.”

Additional affiliations, accomplishments and service:
Various Service Organizations and Sports Affiliations