Welcome to our Fourth Annual Arbor Day Celebration!  As a Tree Campus USA location, Walsh University takes great pride in celebrating the trees on our campus.  Please enjoy these informational videos below that were created by the BIO 315 Field Botany students and the Senior Biology Capstone students. Take a stroll around the Walsh campus and admire our legacy tree - a European Beech tree on the East Quad which has recently been stabilized to protect it from wind and water damage.   Thank you for visiting the virtual celebration!  

Presented by BIO 315 Field Botany, BIO 436 Biology Capstone, and the Walsh University Tree Advisory Committee, Co-Chairs, Dr. Jennifer Clevinger Professor of Biology and Mr. John Schissler, Director of Facilities and Grounds.

White Pine

By: Bobby Tsirambidis and Nathan Kett

Invasive Multiflora Rose

By: Abbigail Shockey

Ecological Succession: The Return to Forest

By: Ava Lonneman

Ohio Biomes

By: Sydney Weber 

Legacy Tree  

LegacyTree.pngThe Walsh Facility and Grounds Department is working hard to preserve the European Beach Tree on the East Quad.  This tree has suffered a bit from rot and an unstable crown.  Davy Tree was hired this fall to cable together the crown and to add water drain holes to prevent additional wind and rain damage.  We hope this will allow faculty, staff, and students to enjoy the tree for many years to come!

The Importance of Trees in Urban Areas

  • Planting trees in urban areas allows for great biodiversity as they deliver habitat, food and shelter to animals along with other plants
  • When planted strategically, trees can reduce carbon emissions as energy is saved by naturally shading buildings, reducing the need for air conditioning
  • Trees act as a natural filter for the air absorbing pollutant gases and other fine particulates allowing for a higher quality of air to breathe

Tree Campus USA

  • Five Upholding Qualifications: Arbor Day Celebration, Tree Care Plan, Service-Learning Projects, Campus Tree Program, Campus Advisory Committee
  • Goals of committee: Promoting diversity and local species, pruning trees seasonally, engaging community, partnering with Tree City USA
  • Initiative driven by professionals, community members, students, Walsh University faculty, and a representative from Division of Forestry

What is Arbor Day?

  • Arbor Day is an annual observance that celebrates the role of trees in our lives and promotes tree planting and care.
  • The first Arbor Day was set in Nebraska on April 10, 1872, by a man named J. Sterling Morton.
  • Today many states celebrate Arbor Day on the last Friday of April, however locally it may be celebrated at different times. We chose to coincide our celebration with traditional Homecoming events. 
  • The customary observance is to plant a tree. This year, we are planting a new American elm of the variety ‘Jefferson’.

2020 Arbor Day Celebration