Three distinctive features characterize the Division of Education at Walsh University: the commitment to Judeo-Christian ideals in professional practices; the respect for the dignity of all learners and the potentials they represent; and the critical importance of service-learning.

Our faculty and students enjoy close connections that represent the best ideals of the Judeo-Christian traditions. The small student/faculty ratio (15:1) enables students to develop caring, compassionate, and supportive relationships in the interest of accommodating each pre-service teacher's unique life experiences and academic needs. Intra-community relationships provide a foundation in which open communication, collaboration, and creativity are manifest in the professional practices that our students apply and demonstrate in-field and clinical experiences.

Believing that all learners have special needs, the Division of Education fosters the positive development of each student's knowledge, skills, and dispositions to enable each one to teach a diverse learning population effectively. Each Walsh University student is exposed to a wide variety of models of teaching, curriculum designs, and diverse community connections in classroom practices and in-field experiences.

The commitment to service-learning is evident in the number and variety of experiences, which enable our students to provide tutorial support, intervention service, and enrichment instruction through partnerships with community programs and schools

Licensure programs are offered in:

Early Childhood Education, Early Childhood Intervention Specialist, Middle Childhood Education, Adolescence to Young Adult Education, Intervention Specialist, and a PreK - 12 Reading Endorsement Program.