Parking Hangers and Permits

All vehicles that are to be operated or parked on University property by a full-time or part-time student, faculty or staff member must be registered with Campus Police. New students will be issued a parking hanger which is to be kept for the duration of their enrollment at Walsh University. Each year, students will receive an updated permit sticker with the academic year that must be affixed to the parking hanger. Temporary permits may be required when visitors need to park on University property for an extended period of time.

Parking Permit Waiver

At the start of both the fall and spring academic terms, students who will not have a vehicle on campus will need to complete a Parking Permit Waiver to remove the $50 parking free from their account.  The Permit Waiver form is open until the 5th business day of the term – Friday, August 27, 2021.    

Parking Permit Waiver

If you have questions about parking registration or the waiver, please contact Tara Snyder, Student Affairs Administrative Assistant at (330) 490-7301. 

Display of Permits

Student parking permits shall hang from the rear rearview mirror of the vehicle. The permits must face the windshield with the permit number in plain view and clear of obstructions. Permits shall be displayed when on any University parking facility.

Permit Fees

The cost of a parking permit is $50 for Fall $50 for Spring. Yearly parking permit stickers will be mailed (commuter students) prior to the start of the academic year and available during check-in (residential students) during check-in days. 

Parking Violations

Parking violations result in citations issued by Campus Police and depending on the nature and frequency of the violation, referral to the Student Conduct & Community Standards office.  Parking citation appeals are reviewed through the Parking Review Board.  For more information, contact

Campus Parking Lots

Student parking is located across campus and lots are designated specifically for commuter and resident parking.  To view campus lots, view the campus map by clicking here.

Commuter Student Parking

  • Lots L, M – Cavalier Drive Entrance
  • Lots F, G, H, I, and J – Founder’s Drive Entrance
  • Lots B, C, and D – Grove Street Entrance

Resident Student Parking

Resident Student Parking Lots (N, O and P) located at the rear of the residence halls.

Resident Student Parking – University Apartments

Students residing in Brauchler, Meier, and Stein Halls are permitted to park in Lots A and B between the signs marked “Grove Complex Parking” or Lots N, O, and P (located behind the residence halls).  Grove Complex Parking provides limited spaces and is on a first come, first serve basis.  An additional Grove Complex Permit Sticker will be provided by the Student Affairs Office upon check-in.   

Additional Parking – North Campus

The North Campus Parking (Lot Q and R) is located across East Maple Street (accessible by a well–lighted tunnel) and may be used as overflow parking for any student, employee or visitors needing parking.