Beginning on Monday, January 25, 2021, Walsh University will begin to conduct weekly COVID-19 surveillance testing through AultmanNow (Washington Square).  Each week, the university will test 3% of our residential student population in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Responsible RestartOhio recommendations.  Effective Monday, March 22, 2021, campus surveillance testing will be open to all Walsh students and employees.  While we will continue to prioritize testing for our residential student population, remaining testing slots will be open to all students and employees who wish to volunteer.

Why is this program necessary?

As transmission of the virus continues, campus surveillance testing provides an additional method to help reduce and contain the spread within the Walsh community, especially among asymptomatic individuals who may be at risk of unknowingly infecting others. Our participation in this program aligns with our mission to serve others and support the common good. Our top priority continues to be the health and safety of Cav Nation. As such, we feel it’s our duty to cooperate with local and state government officials as well as guidelines set forth by the CDC.

COVID-19 Campus Surveillance Testing – FAQ

How will I be notified if I am selected? 

If you have been selected for random testing, you will be notified on Monday morning via your Walsh University email and a text message will be sent to your cell phone (if it is on file with the University).  This communication will provide more details on reporting for your COVID-19 Test.  Watch for an email with the subject line: COVID-19: You’ve Been Selected for Testing

Why was I selected?

All members of our resident student population are eligible for selection. Weekly selections will be made at random.

When and where will the testing take place? 

Testing will be conducted at AultmanNow – Washington Square.  Participants will need to call-ahead to schedule their testing date/time.  All tests will need to be completed no later than Thursday at 7:00pm for the given week. 

AultmanNow (Washington Square)
Monday – Friday 8:00am – 7:30pm
(330) 363-8680

Is the test mandatory? 

Currently, testing is voluntary.  However, we ask that members of our campus community to take the test if they are selected.  We appreciate your support in helping to serve CAV Nation and our community.    

Can I volunteer to be tested? 

Yes.  Walsh University will open weekly testing to all students and employees interested in volunteering, and volunteers will count toward our 3% random pool.  If you would like to volunteer, please complete the Surveillance Testing Volunteer Form no later than Friday at 5:00pm to be considered for testing the following week.  Please note, that you will only need to complete the volunteer form once as volunteers will roll over from week to week.

What type of test will be administered?

The BinaxNOW COVID-19 Ag Card is a type of test called an antigen test. Antigen tests are designed to detect proteins from the virus that causes COVID-19 in respiratory specimens, for example nasal swabs. The type of Antigen testing being used by Walsh University is NOT the type of test that is typically referred to as the “brain tickler.”

Do I need to do anything prior to getting tested?

Yes.  Prior to getting tested, you will need to download and create an account using the NAVICA mobile app.  NAVICA displays results from the 15-minute BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Ag Card.  Prior to testing, complete these four easy steps: 

  • Download the NAVICA app to your smartphone through the AppleStore or Google Play.  
  • Create a NAVICA user account.
  • Contact AultmanNow-Washington Square at (330) 363-8680 to schedule your appointment.
  • Be sure to bring your driver’s license of a photo ID to the test center.

For more information about the NAVICA Mobile App, Click Here.

How does the testing process work?

When you arrive AultmanNow Washington Square, you will provide them with your photo ID and show your NAVICA ID (using the NAVICA Mobile App).  They will scan your NAVICA ID which will link to the testing kit.  This will provide you with the results of your BinaxNOW™ COVID test. 

How long will testing take? 

The process will take just a few minutes once inside the testing area. To avoid wait times and reduce testing lines, those selected randomly or volunteering for surveillance testing will be assigned a 15-minute window for testing. Please arrive at AultmanNow Washington Square promptly at your scheduled date and time. 

How long will it take to get my test results?

You will receive testing results within 15-minutes of completing the test.  Results will be available through the NAVICA Mobile App.  If you test positive, immediately self-quarantine yourself from others and you will be contacted by the university with additional instructions.   

Is there a fee?

No. Tests are provided at no cost to students. 

What if I have already been tested for COVID-19?

Unless you have previously tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 90-days, you are eligible for random selection.

What if I’m experiencing COVID-19 symptoms?

This testing is only for asymptomatic individuals. If you are currently experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or begin to exhibit symptoms prior to a scheduled surveillance testing date, please outreach the Walsh University Student COVID-19 Reporting Hotline:  (234) 380-7510 or