Aaron '08 and Sarah (Miller) Schumacher '10

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Date of Marriage : 08/03/2012
Did you meet before, during, or after your time at Walsh?: During
Where did you meet?: A Halloween party on campus, in the dorms
How many children/pets?: 0

Share Your Story :

At first, we had mutual friends and would all hang out together. Sarah thought I was annoying and obnoxious, and she would sometimes avoid situations where she knew I would be there. Eventually, just as Steve Urkel from Family Matters did to Laura, I got her used to the idea of me, and she realized while I was a big nerd, I had the best of intentions. I found her phone number on Facebook and saved it to my phone and we started talking more, until eventually we made the relationship Facebook Official.

The Proposal:

June 2012. I wanted it to be a surprise. The same day I got the ring from Nick Changet Jr. Jewelers we had tickets for a Cleveland Indians game with some friends, I knew I wanted to do it that day. I drove to Walsh and asked the IT department (where Sarah used to work on campus) if they thought I could propose on campus in the dorm we had our first kiss (Wilkoff Towers, 4th floor, our friends Katina and Andrea's dorm). After a couple stops I got permission. I hopped in the car and drove to Wooster to ask her father's blessing. Got it from the parents and drove back to my house in North Canton to get ready. I grabbed my tux, some Roselia Pok?mon Cards and made a hundred phone calls. Stopped by Giant Eagle and bought a bunch of roses, some Twizzlers, and blue Powerade. I told Sarah we were going to meet at Walsh before the game when she got out of work at Westfield Insurance to talk about where to grab dinner. I told about 30 of our friends and family to meet at Walsh to witness the proposal. I had our friends line up on the sidewalk and give her a rose and Pokemon card as she walked into Wilkoff. Our friend Andrea was in a shopping cart in the elevator to press the button to the 4th floor. I had rose petals scattered about, and proposed to her where we had our first kiss, and she said yes (obviously).

Where are you now?:

We live in Jackson Township with a Roomba and a plant. No kids yet but we are hoping to be blessed with some in the next couple years. We have travelled to Hawaii, London, and Australia together. We work hard but we also play hard, we enjoy playing board and card games together with friends.