Adam '02, '09 and Holly (Lovette) '02 Regener

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Date of Marriage: 07/31/2004
Did you meet before, during, or after your time at Walsh?: During
Where did you meet?: In the dorms and education classes
How many children/pets?: One daughter and one dog


How They Met:

"Holly and I were living on the same floor- 3rd South- in Menard Hall. Before the renovations, there was this odd area at the top of the staircase with a big window that overlooked campus. We called this "the porch" and everyone on our floor loved to hang out there together. Everyone on 3rd South became friends, but I especially enjoyed hanging around Holly. I remember that we'd both find excuses to visit each other. We'd help each other study. I used to steal her socks so that she'd have to come to my room to get them back... I was really mature back then! Our friendship blossomed into love."

The Proposal:

"It was the summer of 2003 when I finally popped the question. I thought it all out and I had a plan! I gave her an alarm clock (that rings). I gave her a phone (that rings). I planned to take her to Stark County Fair and see the circus (with three rings). I threw out little clues throughout the day. It was all going to be so great to see it come together! She never picked up on my "ring" themed gifts and hints, and we missed the circus. Needless to say, my tricky plan failed, but I asked her to marry me in her apartment and she said yes! Who needs an elaborate plan anyway?!"

Where Are You Now?:

"We now live in Massillon and are both teaching. This year we added to our family by adopting a baby girl, Lacey Kathleen. She is now nine months old and we're loving the joys of parenthood. She's crawling all over and we think she'll be walking soon. We couldn't be happier!
Although we've moved away from "the porch", we still love hanging out together and have fun. I don't even have to steal her socks to get her attention anymore!"