Andrew '09 and Jessika (Vizmeg) '09, '12 Kraut

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Kraut ThenKraut Wedding

Date of Marriage: 06/20/2015
Did you meet before, during, or after your time at Walsh?: During
Where did you meet?: Through the weekly prayer group and friends
How many children/pets?: none.

How They Met:

"We met through friends and both had other people interested in us at the time, we became fast friends. We spent most of our time together and found real confidants in eachother. When the spring formal came up and Andrew asked me I thought he meant in a group as friends, that's when I realized his true feelings and we have never looked back. We've been together nearly 9 years, married a little over 6 months!"

The Proposal:

"We absolutely love the outdoors and visit Kelleys Island frequently. We have "our favorite spot" near some remote glacial grooves. It was there on November 16th 2014 that Andrew asked me to marry him! We married at Walsh's Chapel which was built while we were attending Walsh and a part of your history together. "

Where Are They Now?:

"We are happily married 6 months and living in Ohio."