Chris and Maggie (Petros) Lynch '14

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Date of Marriage: 09/02/2017
Did you meet before, during, or after your time at Walsh?: During
Where did you meet?: Alexis Hall & Walsh University's Soccer Team
How many children/pets?: 1 cat

How They Met :

"Maggie was very hesitant at first if she wanted to play on the women's soccer team at Walsh University. It was a good thing she did, though, or she would have never met Chris. He played on the men's soccer team at Walsh University. During preseason, which takes place a few weeks before the actual first day of school, all the freshmen players, girls and guys, became very close friends. However, Chris played on the varsity team and he associated with the older soccer players, rather than the freshmen soccer players. Maggie remembers sitting in the freshmen dormitory, Alexis, and these freshmen boys talking about this player, Chris Lynch. They were going on and on and on about how amazing he was at soccer and how he was already going to be starting on the varsity team only being a freshmen. Maggie has always had a "thing" for soccer boys and after hearing them talk about Chris, she knew she needed to meet him.

That same night, Maggie logged into her Facebook account and did some searching for Chris. Maggie didn't add him as a friend, but she did go through his pictures and thought to herself, "what a good looking soccer player." Oh you know, Maggie was just being one of those typical teenage girls. 

A few days later, Maggie received a friend request. It was him! She couldn't believe it! Chris Lynch added her on Facebook! Maggie's heart started to beat so fast and she couldn't help but smile. How in the world, Maggie thought, did he know who I was? Maggie wasn't well known like he was by the other soccer players. Maggie was on CLOUD 9. Maggie, being her out-going little self, posted a message on his Facebook page that said, "Hi there. Do you play on the men's soccer team?" Of course Maggie knew he did, but she just wanted an excuse to talk to Chris. Shortly after, Chris sent Maggie a message that said "Hello. Yes I play on the men's soccer team. Do you play on the women's soccer team?" Maggie and Chris started small talk via Facebook messenger. As the conversation started to die down, Maggie decided to send Chris her phone number. Maggie was so anxious after sending her phone number and she wondered if Chris would ever text her. Minutes after logging out of Facebook, Maggie's phone lite up and she had a text message from an out of area number. It was Chris! Maggie couldn't believe Chris texted her that same night. Maggie went to bed with an unbelievable amount of butterflies in her stomach!

Maggie and Chris had their first date at Cheeseburger in Paradise in North Canton, Ohio. Maggie and Chris remember everything about that night. Chris ordered cheeseburger sliders and Maggie ordered a cheese quesadilla. After being with Chris for 6 years now, Maggie knows that he eats his food in seconds. But on that first date, Chris took very slow, small bites of his little cheeseburger sliders. Maggie, too, ate her quesadilla very slowly in small bites and she barely touched her food! After dinner, Maggie and Chris went and saw the movie "Grown-Ups." During the movie, Chris reached over and grabbed Maggie's hand to hold it. Maggie's heart began to beat fast. She was so happy to be on a date with Chris. They returned to Walsh University after a wonderful first date.

After a few weeks spent together practically never leaving each others side, it was September 23, 2010. It was a very rough evening for Maggie because soccer was becoming stressful with all the schoolwork Maggie had as a nursing major. It was becoming a hard balance for her. Maggie remembers balling her eyes out in Chris's dorm, room 334, and he was holding her tight telling her everything was going to be okay. Maggie knew everything was going to be okay because Chris said so. After wiping the tears away, Chris looked Maggie in the eyes and asked her "Will you be my girlfriend?" September 23, 2010 marks the official day Maggie and Chris started to date!"

The Proposal:

"It was April 2, 2016 and Maggie was under the impression that she was going out to lunch for Gigi's (Chris's mom) birthday. Chris told Maggie that his mom was going to pick her up since he had "soccer practice" and he was going to meet them there. Maggie got ready that morning to go to Bravo for Gigi's birthday. Gigi picked Maggie up and headed to Bravo for "lunch." Gigi turned to Maggie and told her that they were going to be too early for lunch so she figured she would take Maggie to this park nearby. Gigi said she "wanted to get her steps in" on her fitbit before lunch. They got out of the car and walked around the park, Cox Arboretum. Gigi took Maggie down by the little pond that is there and told her she wanted to show her something. Gigi took out her Ipad and headphones and had Maggie sit on this bench to watch a video. The video was created by Chris and it was the video he played before he proposed. While Maggie was in Florida about a week before the proposal, Chris asked Maggie's parents for their blessing and he videotaped each of Maggie's family members for parts in the video. He also videotaped his family members too. Chris put this beautiful video together that Maggie watched on the bench that day. After the 8 minute video was over, Maggie got up and there Chris was on one knee with a beautiful ring. He asked Maggie, "So.. Will You Marry Me?" Of course, Maggie said yes. It was the most perfect day, with tears of happiness and joy. April 2, 2016 was when the next chapter of their lives began."

Where Are They Now?:

"Maggie and Chris reside in Kettering, Ohio. They have a lovable, orange cat named Max that they adore very much! Maggie teaches at a nearby school called Bauer Elementary. She teaches Special Education for grades kindergarten through second. Chris also teaches at a school nearby called Prass Elementary. He teaches Special Education for grades fourth and fifth grade. When they are not teaching, Maggie and Chris enjoy renovating their new house and going fishing! "