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Date of Marriage: 02/15/2020
Did you meet before, during, or after your time at Walsh?: During
Where did you meet?: We met at Nathan's patio from mutual friends introducing us!
How many children/pets?: 2 dogs

How They Met:

We would have met earlier if my friends and I didn’t think lacrosse players were a bunch of weirdos and went to hang out with them when invited to! Either way we did end up meeting from mutual friends at Nathan’s one night! Dylan made every excuse to hang out from doing laundry and helping him write papers! We had typical college relationship ups and downs but ended up settling down in Youngstown Ohio where we’ve recently bought a house!

The Proposal:

Dylan took me to a nice dinner for my birthday and when the cake came out it said will you marry me on the plate! The restaurant celebrated and my parents came out from around the corner to celebrate with us!

Where Are They Now?:

We are getting married on February 15th at Walsh! We can’t wait to get everyone together in the place that made our relationship what it is. Walsh has such a special place in our hearts and we are so thankful for all the opportunities and connections we’ve made along the way!