Edward '96, '17 and Elizabeth (Beresh) '97 Hendricks

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Date of Marriage08/30/1997
Did you meet before, during, or after your time at Walsh?: During
Where did you meet?: Dance
How many children/pets?: 4 Boys (1 angel) 2 dogs, 2 cats, 3 chickens, 1 rabbit, 1 fish

How They Met:

"Ed and I met at one of the famous weekend Walsh Dances in the Commons (students were the DJ's). I liked Ed and hanging out with him but was currently dating someone I kept trying to fix him up with one of my friends. He worked at the Radio station, AKA Smooth Eric.He and Rick kept getting "censored" for their, ummmm, "creative" programming. I'd listen to him in the commons next to the old "Stumble In" and then I'd call in to the station. He finally told me he was NOT interested in my friend and that he'd just wait until I was single again, because it would happen--he was very cocky and self assured-sure they say, the rest is history.

Memorable: I asked for his ID when he said we had the same Birthday; invited him to Disney's Aladdin and he stood me up; The Christmas lights and GIANT Phil Giovasis? sign on the dorm room floor; the 12 days of Christmas; the Pumpkin in the bell tower; the classic weekend dances in the commons; the "Piano Man" played over and over; Spritzers in the Stumble Inn; Bro. Ted; Sister Carol; Rock-a-thon; Commuter Commission, Walsh College became Walsh University....etc. But they (Walsh U.) waited until we left for all the great renovations."

The Proposal:

"Ed was driving me home from a Hungarian Festival Dance and he pulled into the Walsh Parking Lot and popped the question--it was unexpected-I snapped the box closed and told him to put it away until I graduated--he looked a bit thrown off and I realized I'd never answered the YES...."

Where Are They Now?

"From couple Dates at the Old Irish Exchange for wings, me breaking up with him (whenever he made me mad) at Friendly's Restaurant, getting married the same day Princess Dianna Died, dragging him to all my ethnic gatherings, to both of us graduating from Walsh and working on our grad classes while somehow being blessed with 5 great kids. Our boys: Christian, currently a Walsh Student, C.C. runner at Walsh, and Soccer Referee, Sebastian a Junior & CC runner at Louisville H.S and Soccer Referee., Miklos a Sophomore & C.C. runner at Louisville H.S. and Soccer Referee and Istvan (Who by the way, ALSO has the same birthday as both Ed and Myself) a first grader quickly approaching his teen years and his brothers' referee."