Joe '12 and Abby (Kendle) Roof '13

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Roof 1 Roof 2

Date of Marriage : 06/27/2015
Did you meet before, during, or after your time at Walsh?: During
Where did you meet?: Working as RAs
How many children/pets?: One daughter, one cat

Share Your Story :

After being hired onto the same Residence Life staff, we quickly became close friends. You could find us sitting at the Towers' duty desk watching superhero movies and eating Hungry Howies at least twice a week. Although everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, could see that we were a perfect match, we just couldn't imagine being anything more than best buds. But as the year came to an end and Joe was getting ready to graduate and move, we both realized that we just couldn't imagine life without the other. 

The Proposal:

The Roof family goes all out for family videos, complete with a plot and script! On vacation in 2014, I was asked to play a role in the family video. Instead of filming the video, turns out we were filming the proposal! I turn around to Joe on one knee, and of course I said yes! We got to spend the whole week on the beach celebrating with family, and it couldn't have been more perfect. 

Where are you now?:

We live in North Canton with our daughter, Eleanor and our cat, Louie. Still watching super hero movies. Still eating pizza at least twice a week.