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Date of Marriage : 02/25/06
Did you meet before, during, or after your time at Walsh?: During
Where did you meet?: Hate Groups & Violence Theology class that took place during 9/11. He thought I was on the phone with my boyfriend after 9/11 happened, but it was just my parents!
How many children/pets?: 2 kids, 1 dog, 2 cats, and 3 fish

Share Your Story :

Well the story of our first date is a memorable one. You see, it must have been a Friday night and I was in bed early because I had an early practice, but I wasn't asleep yet. My phone rings and it is my girlfriend asking if I want to go out with her, her friend Rob, and his buddy Kevin. (Kevin was the one who wanted to invite me.) I agreed, for some reason which I still don't understand, because it was out of character for me. My friend, earlier in the day was talking about her friend Kevin who was coming into town, so I assumed that was the Kevin she was talking about. I sure was surprised when I got into the car and realized it was a different Kevin! The Kevin who was dating my teammate! By the way, he won't let me live it down, that I thought I was going out with a different Kevin! I guess fate has a funny way of working out. So anyways, the first place we head is a dance club that I was not old enough to get into - Kevin didn't know I was 5 years younger than him! Turns out that was also fate, because taking me to a dance club would not have made for a good date, being that I'm not a fan of dancing! So, we decide just to go to Buffalo Wild Wings to hang out. After a while, we head back to campus and my friend and Rob wander off to give us some alone time. We are standing around talking and end up playing catch with the football on our first date! Probably not what he expected, but anyone who knows me, knows that I love football; playing and watching! Well I was hooked, but it seems that Kevin's ex was a little confused about them being broken up and wanted to fight me a few days later when she found out I was dating Kevin! Needless to say, we took a small break while he set the record straight, but we have been together ever since! It will be 14 years 11 days after Valentine's Day! A fun tradition we have: Since Valentine's Day is so close to our anniversary, our Valentine's gift to each other has always had to be handmade!

The Proposal:

Where do I start? With the fact that he told me when he was going to pick up the ring? Or how about when he told me what day he was going to go ask for my parent's blessing? Maybe how everytime one of our friends came over, he would sneak off and show them the ring? Or better yet, to top it all off, he held onto that ring through 4 huge holidays - our 4 year anniversary, Christmas, New Year's, and Valentine's Day - all without proposing! Mind you, I was driving myself crazy with excitement each upcoming holiday, only to be disappointed when yet again, he didn't propose! FINALLY, on my 23rd Birthday, July 11th, he proposed during a picnic lunch at one of our favorite places, Price Park! We got Subway and we ate and than while I was reading the card, he got down on one knee and proposed!

Where are you now?:

We still live in North Canton, but on the Jackson side. We have 2 children, a son who is 12 and a daughter who is 11. We both work full time and our kids are very involved in their sports. Our son, Brayden, plays basketball, baseball, and football and our daughter, Dakota plays volleyball and does competitive dance. All their activities leave little time for us anymore, but we really enjoy family time when we all get to be together - even if it is a weekend trip for one of their sports!