Date of Marriage: 04/28/2018
Did you meet before, during, or after your time at Walsh?: During
Where did you meet?: Walsh University
How many children/pets?: 1 daughter - plus a little boy on the way!

Share Your Story :

"In 2010, we both lived in Lemmon Hall: I was a freshman and Vinny was a sophomore. I knew who he was, but Vinny admitted he only knew me as a collective member of "those loud freshmen girls down the hall," (there were 2 rooms of freshmen girls that got stuck on the upperclassmen floor that year). At the 2011 Walsh Scholarship Day, Vinny officially "met" me when we presented our videos from Dr. Modarelli's World Lit class to prospective students. Later that summer, we were both staying on campus in the same dorm again, this time in Betzler Tower, and we officially put a "label" on it in September 2012."

The Proposal:

"Vinny planned a belated anniversary dinner and on our way out the door, suggested going on a walk because it was such a nice day. We walked to the park right by our house, and Vinny gestured to this picturesque gazebo to sit down. Inside the gazebo was sitting a "Book of Love" that Vinny had made filled with pictures, movie tickets, and memories, while the Peter Gabriel song "The Book of Love" was playing in the background (our song!) At the last line of the last verse "you ought to give me wedding rings..." Vinny turned to the back of the book, where he carved out the last pages, and inside was the ring!"

Where are you now?:

"After I graduated from Walsh in 2014, I moved to Blacksburg, VA and attended Virginia Tech, where I earned my PhD in 2019. After Vinny graduated with his DPT in 2016, he also moved to Blacksburg and started his first job in an outpatient pediatric physical therapy setting. We moved back to Ohio in April 2019, settling in Ashland, home of “Grandpa’s Cheesebarn” and the “world headquarters of nice people,” exactly halfway between Columbus and Akron, our two hometowns. We started working, me at Charles River Labs in preclinical research, Vinny at MOESC doing school-based physical therapy, bought a house in 2019, and welcomed our daughter Cecilia Rose (who we call ilia) in August 2020, and are expecting a baby boy in May 2022!"