College Credit Plus (CCP) Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit the Ohio Department of Education website to view additional FAQs

Can students take any course they wish to take?

The Ohio Department of Education has regulations as to what courses are initially available to CCP students. Learn more about CCP registration at Walsh

Is the Accuplacer available at Walsh University for College Credit Plus assessment?

No, Walsh University does not offer the Accuplacer. Students must take the ACT or SAT and submit scores by the admissions deadline.

Do CCP students need a parking pass?

Yes, parking passes are mailed to all CCP students over the summer and there is no cost. Should students need a new pass, these can be picked up in the Student Affairs Office.

Are the CCP courses transferable?

Yes, our courses descriptions follow Transfer Assurance Guidelines (TAG). To know for sure, students can contact the college that they would like to transfer a course to.

How do CCP students register for classes?

Students from one of the partner high schools (Archbishop Hoban High School, St. Thomas Aquinas High School, and Central Catholic High School) are registered (based on a course selection form) in July for the Fall Semester and in November for the Spring semester.

CCP students from all other high schools are registered for Fall semester classes in July by the Director of Advising. Students receive an email to schedule their advising appointment in early July. For the Spring semester, students schedule their advising appointments in late October/early November. Learn more about CCP registration at Walsh

Who provides textbooks for CCP?

Public high schools and non-public high schools are required to provide textbooks for CCP students. Students should talk to their guidance counselors about their school's textbook policy. Homeschool students are required to provide their own textbooks. Additional book and fee information

Can CCP students take summer courses?

Yes, CCP guidelines state that students can take summer classes which become part of the total number of credit hours they are able to take for the following academic year.