Walsh University Culture & Belonging provides an array of comprehensive educational, cultural, social services, and programming that support student retention and success for Underrepresented Minorities (URMs) which includes, but is not limited to, African Americans, American Indians, Alaska Natives, Hawaii Natives, Asian Americans, and Latinos. Its programming and support systems provide an optimum developmental environment where all members of the University community may develop to the highest level of their potential in an intellectually and culturally vibrant community.


  • Help students understand and appreciate racial, ethnic, gender and other differences.
  • Create opportunities for students to engage with peers of different cultures.
  • Expand student’s cultural knowledge and respect for others through programming, workshops, clubs, and events.
  • Communicate valuable resources and network connections on campus to assist students with college costs
  • Advocate on behalf of URMs students in retention and student success efforts.
  • Monitor progress of multicultural students and provide support and align with resources for academic success and retention
  • Participate on University committees such as Retention Committee, Strategic Planning Committee, Walsh United Against Racism, and other committees that support student success.
  • Outreach to community and share mission and vision of Walsh University.

Support Services

Culture & Belonging is dedicated to the success of Walsh's multicultural student population and provides various support services and collaborates with many other departments. Specifically, Culture & Belonging:

  • Serves as a liaison between the Academic Support Center, University Registrar, Academic Advising, Admissions and the Student Support Center.
  • Assists the retention committee in identifying and supporting multicultural students.
  • Provides resources for students to search and evaluate scholarships.
  • Serves as a resource to help connect multicultural students with the local community.

Cultural Programming

Culture & Belonging coordinates a variety of events to educate the University community on a variety of topics and cultures. Culture & Belonging:

  • Coordinates the celebration and recognition of various heritage months: Hispanic Heritage Month, Native American Heritage Month, Black History Month, and Women's History Month.
  • Coordinates Diversity Week, a week-long series of events to celebrate and explore diversity
  • Coordinates and often collaborates in providing events such as panel discussions, speakers and lectures on diverse and controversial topics

Leadership Opportunities

Culture & Belonging is dedicated to developing students into successful leaders who work for the betterment of their community. To foster student development, Culture & Belonging:

  • Serves as a primary advisor for the Black Student Union (BSU) - a multicultural student organization offering students an opportunity for activism, student expression and leadership development.
  • Coordinates opportunities for students to participate in leadership activities, conferences and retreats, on and off campus
  • Helps connect students with Walsh's many campus involvement opportunities.

Multicultural Student Orientation

Learn more: www.walsh.edu/multicultural-student-orientation

Cultural Connections Mentoring Program

The Walsh University Cultural Connections Mentoring Program aligns with Walsh’s commitment to diversity by providing the opportunity for Walsh students to connect with a community leader who will serve as a resource, support and mentor.

Program Goals:

  • Be a convener of conversation between Walsh University African American students, their families, and the community.
  • Through mentorship and coaching, Walsh students will develop skills, gain knowledge and build relationships that guide them through the process of reaching graduation.
  • Increase retention of African American Students.
  • Increase the graduation rate of African American students.

Program Components:

  • Mentoring and Coaching: Student participants will have an African American mentor who is a Walsh alumni or community leader. Students and mentors will be matched based upon career, degree, and/or experiences that align with the student’s interests and/or career paths.
  • Engagement Conversations: Student participants will be engaged in enrichment programs and activities to increase their acclimation to Walsh University culture.