Walsh University is committed to supporting its students and alumni interested in applying for national and international distinguished awards, grants, or scholarships. Distinguished awards are prestigious and highly competitive. They include Fulbright, Marshall, Mitchell, Rhodes, Truman, and more. They could be academic or experiential in nature. These awards are a means by which students can fine-tune their skills, explore the world and other cultures, better understand their career path and goals, strengthen graduate school and job applications, and win scholarships for additional education or fellowships.

These application processes are rigorous and competitive. Applicants should have a wide range of experiences; therefore, students should schedule a consultation early in their time at Walsh to plan accordingly. Students applying for post-graduate opportunities must begin the process in Spring of their Junior year.

Students should book an advising appointment with the Global Learning office to begin the application process. Book a Global Learning Advising Appointment

Resources are available to applicants, as well as faculty and staff members who are supporting the applicants through the application and interview process.

NAFA and Types of Awards

Walsh University is a member of the National Association of Fellowship Advisors. NAFA has provided a guide to many of the Distinguished Awards available (PDF) to undergraduates, graduates, and recent alumni. 

What Makes an Applicant Competitive?

Excellent GPA (work hard in your academic courses)

  • Solid writing skills (take writing-intensive courses and ask for feedback from professors)
  • Strong recommendations (form good relationships with your professors- engage outside class)
  • Leadership roles (get involved and serve in leadership roles. Try to manage projects, take initiative, and identify then solve problems as much as possible)
  • Global or intercultural experiences (study abroad or away, or engage with people who aren’t like you)
  • Community engagement (commit to regular service, get involved in your campus AND local community)
  • Passion and rationale (explore what you care about, discover what you’re good at, and highlight what sets you apart. Have a reason and evidence to prove that you should be selected based on your past experiences and future goals.)