Externships at Walsh University

Externships are another type of experiential learning opportunity through which students gain short-term experience within an organization, shadowing employees and learning about day-to-day operations. An externship can be an excellent way to preview a particular field or company of interest prior to applying for internships and post-graduation employment.

To learn more about externships and other opportunities to hone your skills outside of the traditional classroom setting, stop by the Career Readiness and Development Center, located on the lower level of the Global Learning Center. 

You can also contact Director of Career and Experiential Education Aurora Alexander at 330.490.7380 or by emailing

Frequently Asked Questions

  • An externship is typically an unpaid experience that is similar to shadowing.
  • Through an externship, a student has the opportunity to experience a typical work week with a respected industry professional during which the extern will observe daily job responsibilities. 
  • An internship is a paid or voluntary position with an organization for someone who is learning a profession and industry, typically spanning over a few months.
  • Externships are shorter than an internship, ranging from three to five days, which is why many students choose to do an externship during Fall Enrichment Week, Spring Break or Summer terms.

  • Observing and networking with professionals within the work environment
  • Taking a tour of company facilities
  • Conducting informational interviews with various stakeholders within the company
  • Sitting in on staff meetings
  • Reviewing company literature

  • As a student, you will be able to explore a career field and experience a typical week on the job.
  • You will have the opportunity to learn how to apply your academic major through discussions with professionals who have a similar background.
  • Through an externship, you will be able to assess your “fit” for a particular position or organization.
  • This experience will prove invaluable as you make career connections and strengthen your network.
  • An externship will add value to your resume by proving that you are an intentional professional who is serious about the career field.

  • An externship is typically an unpaid experience.
  • Externships are not considered employment and are not often used for academic credit.
  • Due to an externship’s short-term nature and limited responsibilities it is not a paid experience.

  • Absolutely! Externships should be listed on your resume just like an internship experience.
  • Much like an internship, an externship is a great way for employers to see your first-hand experience in the field.
  • Externship experience will give your document the focus that is needed when transitioning from a student resume into a professional resume.

  • An externship is focused on giving a student a deeper understanding of the ins and outs of a specific industry.
  • An externship shows a student’s in-depth and behind-the-scenes knowledge of a specific profession.
  • An externship shows that a student is focused on that field of choice. This level of intentionality and dedication will show an employer that a student is serious about a specific field of work.