What is the typical financial aid award?

Financial aid award packages vary depending on a student's completed FAFSA. The Federal and State grants are on a need-based scale and therefore will be determined by the family income. On average, a student will receive anywhere from $5,000 up to full tuition in academic scholarship money from Walsh. A majority of the academic scholarships available to students are directly correlated to the student's overall GPA and ACT or SAT test scores. For full-tuition scholarships, and a few other scholarship opportunities, an interview will be required. Please contact the Office of Admissions or visit our scholarships page for more information.

Are Athletic scholarships available?

Walsh is a member of NCAA Division II. Athletic scholarships vary in amounts and are determined by athletic coaches. All athletic scholarships are awarded in compliance with NCAA regulations.

Does Walsh accept outside scholarships or grants?

Walsh University will accept outside scholarships as long as the scholarships and grants do not exceed the student’s direct cost (tuition and general fees) of attending Walsh University.

What about FAFSA?

Information obtained from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will determine what federal and state aid the student is eligible to receive. The information required to complete the FAFSA is based on both parent and student tax information. All of the universities listed on the FAFSA form will automatically receive the student's FAFSA results. Completing the FAFSA each year is required to apply for federal and state aid, including federal loans. File the FAFSA electronically and use your PIN to sign it. It generally takes up to a month to receive FAFSA results. Make sure to add Walsh University on the FAFSA by using our code (003135). The codes allow institutions to have electronic access to your FAFSA application data, in order to calculate your federal financial aid package. As long as a student has been accepted and Walsh receives their FAFSA results, they will receive a financial aid package from us. Shortly thereafter, an Admissions representative will contact the student to explain and discuss the student's aid.

What is work-study and how do I qualify?

Work-Study aid is need-based and awarded according to the results of the FAFSA. The program is designed to assist students who are in need of employment to pursue their education. Work is performed on campus, and the student may work up to a maximum of 15 (10 typically) hours per week at minimum wage depending upon the amount of his or her work-study award.