Select a link below to download an overview of the financial aid process: 

  • Undergraduate Students
    • 2022-2023 (Summer 2022, Fall 2022, Spring 2023)
  • Graduate Students
    • 2022-2023 (Summer 2022, Fall 2022, Spring 2023)
  • Digital Campus Undergraduate Students
    • 2022-2023 (Summer 2022, Fall 2022, Spring 2023)




When required, Walsh’s Financial Aid Office will notify you to request additional documents that are needed to finalize your financial aid. Most documents may be downloaded and printed from the Walsh Financial Aid page here.

  • If you are selected for federal verification, you will be notified and additional documentation will be required.
  • If you are receiving tuition assistance from an outside employer, you are required to submit the Employer Reimbursement form.


Once you have received an official financial aid offer from Walsh University, you will be directed to the Cavalier Center. This portal provides information about your financial aid.

  • Accept the Terms and Conditions of receiving financial aid
  • Accept/decline loans in offered status


Students who have accepted federal loans in the Cavalier Center will need to complete a few requirements on using their FSA ID.

  • Sign an electronic Master Promissory Note (MPN)
    • > Complete Aid Process > Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loan MPN
    • Be sure to select the right type of MPN to complete (Undergraduate, Graduate, or Parent)
  • Complete loan Entrance Counseling
    • > Complete Aid Process > Complete Entrance Counseling
  • Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement (ASLA)
    • > Complete Aid Process > Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement
    • Beginning with the 2021-2022 financial aid award year the U.S. Department of Education will institute a new requirement for all Direct Loan borrowers.  Students will be required to complete the “Annual Student Loan Acknowledgment” process which mandates borrowers to view how much they currently owe in federal student loans before receiving the first disbursement of a direct loan in a new award year. This process is scheduled to be an annual requirement.


  • Check your Walsh University email address regularly for important information.
  • Payments are due the first day of each semester.
  • Statements are not mailed because students can access their account balances online.
  • The Student Account Center ( allows students to view their account details. This site allows you to view detailed billing, explore payment plan options, set your refund preferences, and make one-time payments.