All forms listed on this page are available for download by clicking on the file name below. Completed forms can be returned to the Student Service Center electronically via our secure document portal. Please see our document upload instructions (PDF) for assistance. Forms requiring signatures must be submitted with physical signatures, not electronic or digital.

Unsatisfied requirements can be viewed in the Financial Aid section of your Cavalier Center account. If a form is required, and it is submitted to the SSC, the status will be updated to "Pending", until it is processed by a financial aid staff member. If we need additional documentation from you, the status of "Incomplete" will show, and an active message will show on your account letting you know what else is needed. Once a form is "Completed", it will show on the Cavalier Center as being a "Satisfied Requirement" and no other steps are necessary.

2024–2025 Financial Aid Forms

(Summer 2024, Fall 2024, Spring 2025)

Walsh University Supplemental Application 2024–25 (PDF)

Employer Reimbursement Form 24–25 (PDF)

2023–2024 Financial Aid Forms

(Summer 2023, Fall 2023, Spring 2024)

Walsh University Application for Financial Aid 2023–24 (PDF)

Employer Reimbursement Form 23–24 (PDF)

Verification Worksheet – Dependent Students (PDF)

Verification Worksheet – Independent Students (PDF)

Statement of Educational Purpose (PDF)

Document Upload Instructions (PDF)