The First Year Experience Program is committed to helping students succeed from the first day of arrival on the campus of Walsh University through graduation and beyond. The program aims to support incoming freshman and new transfer students in their first-year transition to college through the facilitation of campus connections with faculty, staff and peers, immersion into the Walsh mission and campus community, and an introduction to the campus student support resources.

The First Year Experience program offers two courses, FYE 101 Life Skills for College and FYE 101TR The Transfer Experience, with emphasis on the academic and social passage into the college environment. Upon completion of the course, students will:

  • successfully engage with the Walsh University campus community
  • learn, and utilize the appropriate skills and resources that promote academic and professional growth
  • explore how their own values, academic skills and interests align with career pathways
  • develop knowledge of living and working in a diversity society

FYE 101 and FYE 101TR are a one-semester credit hour courses offered Fall and Spring Semesters.