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Walsh Graduating Senior “Fresh-Out” Housing Program

We are excited to announce a new housing opportunity for current graduating seniors who are looking for an easy, affordable and convenient way to stay local. If you are a new graduate of Walsh, considering taking an opportunity to live-on campus.

Advantages of “Fresh-Out” Housing at Walsh

Photo of Students in Apartments Living Room
  • No Additional Security Deposit. Your University Housing Deposit will serve as your deposit.
  • Fully furnished apartment – Commons Hall.
  • All utilities included (electric, heat, water, cable and internet)
  • Optional University Meal Plan available
  • On campus access to Career Services for career navigation
  • Access to campus fitness centers, Hoover Trail and Stark parks
  • Walking distance grocery stores and restaurants
  • Short drive to other major cities (Akron, Cleveland)

*Student must be in good conduct standing with the university at the time of application. 

*Limited Spaces Available

Accommodations - Commons Hall

University Apartments Kitchen
Meier Hall
University Apartments Bedroom

The Commons offer apartment-style suites, for students who desire the feel of apartment living along with the convenience of living on campus.

More information about The Commons

Lease Rates

May 6 – August 1, 2024 | $600 per month

Fresh-out Housing is available on a “first come, first serve basis”. For more information, please contact Joe Grossman, Coordinator for Residential Administrative Services at jagrossman@walsh.edu.

*At this time, we do not offer housing options for Fresh-out seniors who are married and/or with families.