Tuition & Fees

  Tuition Parking Fee* Technology Fee Graduation Fee Transcript
MAED, MBA $745/credit hour $75 $50 $165 $15
LEAD Undergraduate: $800/credit hour (with discount)
Graduate: $745/credit hour
$75 $50

$150 (UG)

$165 (GR)

Education Endorsements $350/credit hour $75 $50 $165 $15
CHD, MSN, DNP, PPOTD (Including Post Master Certificates) $775/credit hour $75 $50 $165 $15
MOT $10,300/semester $75 $50 $165 $15
DPT $11,000/semester $75 $50 $190 $15

Tuition and fees are due the first day of class each semester.

*Online-only students please contact Student Services to have the parking fee waived.

**All rates are estimated and subject to change. Additional fees may be applied to specific courses, required projects, and assessment tools. Please contact your program of study for any additional fees. Please also note that federal financial aid is not offered for non-degree programs, including certificate programs and education endorsements. Please visit the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) tuition webpage for additional information regarding estimated DPT program expenses and scholarship opportunities. Please visit the Master of Occupational Therapy (MOT) tuition webpage for additional information regarding estimated MOT program expenses.

Auditing Fee: Individuals who complete the application procedure determined by individual graduate programs may choose to audit a graduate course for self-improvement. Tests and class discussion are not required when auditing a graduate course, but the approval of the program director is required. The auditing fee is one-half the regular tuition rate per course and an AU entry is recorded on the transcript. (Auditing fee is  $373 per semester hour for MBA, and MAED and $388 per semester hour for CHD, MSN, DNP, and PPOTD.)

More information regarding discounts and scholarships for Graduate students.