Honors Program Classes & Projects are as follows:

Please note: College Credit Plus courses, Dual Credit courses, or any college coursework cannot replace these courses. These courses are required of all Honors Students


  • Honors Writing
  • Honors History (History of Science)
  • Honors Theology (History of Christianity)


Courses emphasize the connection among academic disciplines, demonstrating that knowledge in one area enhances the understanding of many others.

  • Honors World Literature
  • Great Ideas in Humanity


  • Seminars:
    • Interdisciplinary courses organized around a specific theme or topic
  • Junior Honors Project:
    • Project is typically associated with the field of study the student is majoring in, and has a profound impact on their career paths and academic goals. This project is completed under the supervision of the faculty advisor of their choosing.


  • Capstone of the Honors Program, which is the final independent research project.
  • Senior Honors Thesis:
    • Students conduct original research while working closely with a faculty mentor. Modeled on the research and creativity typically found in graduate school projects, Honors 400 concludes with an oral presentation as part of the final celebration with Walsh students and faculty. 
  • 2022 Senior Thesis Presentations

Should you have any questions regarding the Honors Curriculum, please feel free to contact our Co-Honors Directors at honorsdirector@walsh.edu.